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  • Humanistic Vision of Globalpolis.
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Welcome to the Institute for Urban Humanities(IUH) at the University of Seoul! Established in 1992, our mission is the broad dissemination of basic knowledge and advanced research on urban space, history, politics, and culture. An active research organization funded by Human Korea Project of Korea Research Foundation from 2007 to 2017, IUH is an active international research organization to provide new directions of urban humanities.
The general purpose of IUH is to foster humanistic research on urban issues and global cities and to provide the following:

1. Basic knowledge and theoretical frameworks for urban humanities in the growing connections to studies in urban science and civil engineering
IUH reflects the University of Seoul’s deep commitment to civil engineering, urban plan, and urban social sciences and the growing need to connect human science’s research on urban issues to urban sciences. With its interdisciplinary approaches to urban issues, IUH provides sustainable theoretical frameworks for urban humanities. IUH’s research team currently consists of the centers of philosophy, history, and culture of urban space and cities.

2. Visions of the possibility of humanistic urban communities
IUH’s research departs from our increasing observations that global competitions among modern cities are not only the cause of our contemporary social problems but also the driving force for us to imagine new kinds of urban communities, in which differences in values and culture can be positively accepted and mutually shared in peace. IUH explores these new communities in globalpolis. Our Institute intends to concretize these new possibilities by revisiting and studying global cities such as Beijing, London, New York, Seoul, Tokyo, etc.

3. Interdisciplinary research and training in urban humanities
IUH concentrates on constructively synthesizing a variety of the existing urban scholarships in order to strengthen the sustainability of the new research field of urban humanities.

Institute for Urban Humanitie DirectorShin hee-kwon