75th International Forum of the Institute for Urban Humanities – Contradiction and Practice of Urban Utopia

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The Institute for Urban Humanities of the University of Seoul will host an international symposium “Contradiction and Practice of Urban Utopia: Critical Review on Community-led Urban Planning and Design in Taipei, Singapore, and Seoul.” This forum aims to generate an alternative discourse: the meaning of community participation in East Asian planning with developmental legacies. An improved understanding of the fundamental nature of community participation can provide insights into how to reshape the processes of urban development with transformative community empowerment. We expect that this forum can also be the basis for further discussion on how the digital built environment of the future will inform community-led urban design and planning in the post-developmental turn of urban processes in East Asia.

This forum is held on Feb. 9. 2023 and English-Korean simultaneous interpretation is provided.

For participation, please apply in advance via this link (

For more details, please refer to the poster attached.



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