Major Project


Since 2019, IUH is funded by “Institute Programs in the Humanities & Social Sciences” of National Research Foundation of Korea(NRF),
a Korean governmental organization supporting advanced researches in South Korea.

1. Summary of the Program

Title: Humanistic Vision of Digital Polis ― Digital Urbanism and Post-urban Communities

Research Period: Stage 1: Sep. 2019~Aug. 2022(3years)

2. Goals of Rearch

To construct a new humanistic vision of Digital Polis

To understand changing conditions of human being in the digital era

To analysis pathological aspects of urban space in the digital era

To suggest a new cocept of Digital Polis, community in the digital urban space

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Yearly Research Plans

Stage 1
Digital Urbanism and Changing
Conditions of Human Being

Year 1

Human Being: Cyborg and Posthuman

Year 2

Urban Culture: Realty and Hyper-reality

Year 3

Urban Pathology

Stage 2
Digital Polis
: Toward a New Urban Community in the Digital Era

Year 4

Utopia: Critical Thinking of Future City

Year 5

Wise City: Criticizing Smart City from the Humanistic View

Year 6

Digital Polis: Urban Justice and the Future of Community