Major Project

Human Korea

Humanities in Korea(HK) Project

IUH is funded by National Research Foundation of Korea(NRF), a Korean governmental organization supporting advanced researches in South Korea.

1. Summary of HK Project

Title: Humanistic Vision of Globalpolis

Research Period: November 1, 2007 - August 31, 2017 (10 years)

2. Goals of Research

To construct a new humanistic vision of globalpolis

To suggest new humanistic values and ideas

To explore new possibilities of Informationalization and Globalization

To search for urban humanities as a practical alternative

3. Research Plan

Stage 1 (2007-2010): Construct theoretical frameworks for urban humanities

Stage 2 (2011-2013): Humanistic research on Seoul as a globalpolis

Stage 3 (2014-2017): Humanistic Vision of Globalpolis

4. Stage 2 (November 1, 2010 - August 31, 2013)

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Themes of Research
Urban Philosophy
Urban History
Urban Culture


History and Humanistic Structure of Seoul as a Globalpolis

Concepts for Humanistic Reconstruction of Urban Space

Regional Order of East Asia and Seoul

Formation of Urban Communities and Changes of Urban Culture


Contemporary Seoul and Humanistic Values

Humanistic Values of Urban Space Renewal Movement

Changes of Space and Life in Seoul in the Era of Globalization

Cultural Reflection of Contemporary City


Establishing the Image of Humanistic Seoul and Humanistic Index

Limits of Urban Evaluation Index and Direction of Humanistic Index

Historical search for Humanistic Seoul

Cultural Vision of Humanistic City

5. Major Projects

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Domestic Conference,
International Conference,
Urban Humanities Forum,
East Asian Urban Forum,
Academic Exchange programs

Korean journal,
International journal,
Critical series,
Translation series,
Urban Humanities Dictionary,
Textbooks and AV materials,
Introductory series

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Research Database
Education and Consulting

Network of urban studies research centers,
Urban Humanities Archive,
Urban Humanities Library

Urban Humanities Curricula,
Urban Humanities Graduate Program,
Leadership Program for Seoul City High-Ranking Officials,
Urban Humanities Lectures,
Urban Humanities Consulting